Being in the public eye means the details of your life can be put under a microscope, exactly, everything and anything about you can be looked into by people who love, follow and are loyal to you.  Aren’t you a CELEBRITY?

Hence, good number of them strive to live up to expectation. One may wonder if there is a lay down standard of what a celebrity live should look like, and because they want their fans to keep celebrating them, they start living a make belief even in real life.

Nearly all celebrities pretend about what they have. It’s part of the game that they play with us, the fans. They show off all this cash, all those cars, the jewelry, and the perks. They present a wild and lavish lifestyle that we will never have, and we turn a blind eye to their exaggerations. We know that most stars don’t buy their jewelry. They don’t need to because they have it all gifted to them, sometimes they are even influencing for vendors. It’s part of marketing strategy for most vendors. We understand that most cars aren’t bought with cash. Why would they? They could just lease them or finance them. But we don’t always anticipate being lied to.

What about houses? There is this story not so long ago concerning a celebrity who warmed a house that is not hers, just to get funds and gifts from unsuspecting fans and colleagues.

Very recently, one ex Bbnaija housemate was allegedly said to be sleeping with older women as it was claimed that he funds himself through what he gets from the women. Gaining fame comes with a lot of responsibilities, infact there are some who doesn’t repeat clothes and to maintain this celebrity status, so many things happened behind the scenes.

Most of them love showing people that they’re successful and wealthy too. Due to the dawn of social media, it’s easier than ever for people to showcase their wealth and their celebrity lifestyles. They’ve got the cash and they love flaunting it.

This ticks a lot of people off, but they don’t care. They’re just engrossed in living their luxurious lifestyles. Although plenty of people despise such celebs for the way they go about flaunting their wealth, on the flip side, it really is up to them, as long as they’re not deceiving anyone in the process. That’s where the problem lies. Some celebs appear to be people they’re not, and in essence, they’re living a lie. They’re living lives of excess and want people to think they’re living a certain way, when in reality, it’s just an image they’re trying to uphold. That’s the problem with the celeb world. Plenty of celebs feel that there’s this image that they need to fit, otherwise people will perhaps look down on them. You’ve heard the term, “If you’ve got it flaunt it.” Well, flip that around. If you don’t have it, don’t flaunt it, or you could end up being burned. Sometimes many celebrities have  been caught lying about aspects of their wealth and luxurious lifestyles.

That crosses the line. Being made wise to these lies can hurt us, but it hurts the star even more when they get caught, as the result of some may cause them their fame and sometimes whatever endorsement they may have gotten.

It is important to know that, “something borrowed is not one’s, such is a life that is not yours”.