She has always wanted to design as she always thinks of herself as one of the greatest designers her generation will produce. However, her school performance in arts was poor.

As much as she tried in Basic and High school, she had no competition in the class bottom in all of her Creative Arts subjects.

Whenever the teacher asked the class to discuss their ambition and she said ‘I want to be one of the greatest designers to ever live’, her remarks was always greeted by thunderous laughter from her classmates asking her how she intended to achieve such great feat when she is not doing well in her Arts subjects.

At times she wanted to quit and go for other things. However, she couldn’t get over the thought of being a great designer.

One day, they were having cultural presentation at school and one of her friends brought the wrong outfit (she was supposed to bring a dress but she brought a wrapper). Dejected and feeling left out, she (her friend) sat and sob in the corner of the class.

Jenifer saw her crying and asked to know what the problem was; her friend explained her ordeal and she (Jenifer) asked to see the fabric.

You can make a dress of this outfit she said. Yes I know, her friend responded but a fashion designer has to work on it and that is going to take a long time.

Can I try something with this fabric? Jenifer asked.

Reluctantly, her friend agreed and stood up from her sobbing post.

After few minutes with some few pins, Jenifer made a beautiful dress from the wrapper (without a single cut)

What! This is beautiful, exclaimed her friend and off she raced to the field as she couldn’t wait to show her beautiful dress to her other friends.

Silently, Jenifer told herself: “now I know my niche, I’m going to be a fashion designer.

Though Jenifer faced setbacks in certain subjects in school, she was so determined to design.

Determination was her driving force that keeps pushing her towards her dreams. If we have determination and will power for our defined goal in life, then nothing can stop us from achieving success.

Though, in some people, this quality is infused by God and some have to develop it by practice. If we have this, then nothing can stop us from succeeding in life. One thing is clear that the type of achievement depends upon the goal that we set for ourselves and our determination.

Also, one should always remember that the journey of life is not smooth. Failures are part of it and we should learn from the failures rather than cribbing over the situation. Once we are determined and have disciplined our mind, we will see a great transformation.

Our quest for success and happiness begins with right intentions.