The reality of life is beyond doubt. People are having strange experiences that they can’t even explain it. There are evil spirits on assignment and they are called demons.

One of the strange experiences that people have is the experience of spirit husband and spirit wives. This experience can be very tough, at times, it makes people experience delay in marriage. At times, it makes people to have delay in childbearing. At times, it makes people to experience tough marital experience.

Some people are married to strange gods which is unknown to them. They only grow to discover that they are having difficulty in getting suitors. And if they can pray, they will be told that they are already married to gods. People who are having this experience are usually lost in confusion. Their questions are usually when? How? Why? Which they usually don’t find answers to until they get in touch with deliverance minister who can help them out.

I once met someone who was finding it difficult to marry. Her experience was so tough. Whenever she met with anyone who has interest in her, the spirit husband will come to the man in dream and give him serious warning to leave his wife alone. Peradventure the man did not understand the vision or probably ignores, things will start getting worse for the man. This person has already has children with the spirit husband that she can’t get pregnant here on earth until when serious prayers and deliverance is conducted.

Never doubt the spirituality of life, it is too real to doubt. Someone, unknown to him, was married to spirit wife. Here is the experience of the man: whenever he left house for office, before he comes back, his clothes would have been washed. He will meet a well prepared food at home and his bed well laid. When he slept on his bed, he will be feeling that someone was on bed with him. The spirit took full responsibility of a wife to him and the man couldn’t get someone to marry. When the man almost ran mad, he left the house. Unfortunately for him, he never really believed that the world is more of spiritual than natural.

Are you among those who doubt that these things are real? My sincere prayer for you is that you will not be a victim. Never come to a point in your life when you’ll deny the reality of the spirituality of life. It is more dangerous for you.