The Bible, in the epistle to the Hebrew, says “Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching”.

The Bible, in reference to the above scripture, encourages public worship of Christians as a body. Some Theologians have understood the word rendered here as “assemble” as meaning “the society of Christians,” or the church; and they have supposed that the object of the apostle here is, to exhort them not to apostatise from the church. The command, then, here is, to meet together for the worship of God, and it is enjoined on Christians as an important duty to do it. It is implied, also, that there is blame or fault where this is “neglected.”

One of the consequences of the negligence is the detrimental state of the Christian status in our world today. It is disheartening that the other religion is having upper hand while Christianity is in its sleeping posture. The other religion makes sure that its member is gathered five times a day for the purpose of worship unto their god.

Some people have developed some reasons why they stop attending the gathering of the saints. Some have said the church is all about money. Some have been disappointed by their pastors. Some fought some members of the church. Some held grudge against the pastor that he was used to preach. Some are saying that the closing time is not pleasing while some are saying that pastors are fake and many other reasons.

However, no amount of unpleasant incidents in the church will change God’s standard as regards His command concerning the gathering of the saints.

Think about it! Do you drop out of the school because unpleasant things are happening there? Do you stop attending lectures or quit a workplace because you’re disappointed by either your lecturer or your boss? Do you stop living because the world is full of evil occurrences? I’m sure your answer is ‘no’.

I’m sure you don’t sit at home to study your textbooks alone and then move to the exam centre to write a complicated exam. Even at times you are taught thoroughly and yet you failed. Why do you believe that you can read and understand the Bible on your own?

The Apostle in the epistle says “encourage one another”, which means neglecting the assembly of believer can influence your faith negatively. When you’re weak you might probably have no one to strengthen you.

Do you think I’m saying these because I’ve never seen bad things in the church? I don’t only see bad things happened in the church, I had my share of bad experiences in the church. The fact remains that God programmed Himself to be revealed in the church and because I want to know God more, I have to keep on attending the church.

If a denomination is no more conducive for you, quit and find another one. God is not pleased to see people neglect the gathering of the saints. The Bible says that the day is near i.e. Jesus is coming back soon, make sure that He meets you amidst the gathering of saints.