Journalism thrives on robust opinions, diverse opinions, and media personalities are put on public trials through such opinions.

That’s the correct case of Rufai Oseni who has been facing such public trials as the one written below by Wale Bakare.

“An error people make is referring to Rufai as a Journalist. He is not one. It is disrespectful to journalists. He is a Presenter. A ‘talking head’. If he ever presents himself as a journalist, he would be engaging in quackery.

While a Journalist may guest as a presenter from the field or even come into the studio to shed some more light on an issue he/she is covering, a presenter only talks about what has been worked on by others (including real journalists).

A Journalist is trained to gather news, analyse, and write or present it in a number of formats. A presenter only talks. Like Rufai. Some people might think he is a good ‘talker’. That is fair but we must be clear: a Journalist ‘doe’, a talker talks. Rufai is a talker.

The most important thing a Journalist does is that he/she seeks out the truth. Rufai does not seek out anything. He sits behind a desk and talks about things journalists have gone to seek out.

He has no training as a journalist that I am aware of and aside from making news through his encounter with the Police for driving on a BRT lane, Im not sure anyone has ever seen him anywhere near where news is being made. He might be a good talker. A Journalist he is not.”

Reacting to this claim, people have taken to the comment section to express their opinion of Oseni.

Uche Aguoru wrote; Rufai asserts his opinion on his guests and that’s not journalism, he does not seek out facts but rather displays open bias and most often talks down on guests. He is exactly what a journalist shouldn’t be.

Dayo Amele: How can a Trained Animal Scientist be Ranked as a Journalist?

Just because you like Argument doesn’t mean you should go and dorn a Lawyer’s Outfit!

He is neither a Presenter,a Pundit,a Journalist or Pundit. He is simply an Empty Barrel Talkative …It’s Obidients that are his greatest Fans!I hope they don’t lead him into trouble soon!

Esan Tim Olusegun opined: Saying and insisting that Rufai isn’t a journalist is, infact and indeed, calling a spade a spade! Added to that, he’s not a presenter because he opinionates his presentations a lot to the provocation of his guests. A presenter moderates. A presenter is like an arbiter or umpire who belongs neither here nor there in any discourse. Just as the name suggests, a presenter presents. Rufai neither presents nor does his job in a manner that is suggestive that he is a certificated journalist.

However, while some people agreed with Wale Bakers, some other people disagreed claiming what Rufai Oseni is practising is the true Journalism.

Vincent Macvin wrote: Rufai Oseni may not be a journalist. He doesn’t have to be! He may not be whatever else you lot don’t want him to be. He may be a “talker” or whatever else you choose to ascribe to him.

Nevertheless, anyone who questions his intelligence, articulateness, wisdom, objectivity, thoroughness, boldness and erudition needs to have his or her head examined.

Rufai is the man we need at this time. His sterling qualities are beyond what his detractors can ever attain.

I just love the way he rattles and shuts the filthy mouths of evil people whose mouths are full of mendacious lies and their bellies bloated with filthy lucre.

Rufai is our man! Bad belle folks should deal with it!!

Kelvin  Obasoham opined; I keep saying it, if we have 10 of Rufai’s type in Nigeria as journalists, journalism in Nigeria will thrive and get better. Ajournalist is one who does not allow anyone to bend the truth or misrepresent facts.

You may not like Rufai, but I’m yet to see any journalist like him. He’s bold, confident and doesn’t allow anyone intimidate him and that’s because he’s not one of those money bag or bank-rolled journalists.

Why hating on someone because he’s fair and genuinely doing his job.

I watched his recent interview with Onakpasa. It seems the guest came prepared at Rufai.

How does “let me finish” in a calm voice sounds disrespectful?

The truth is bitter. A lot of hypocrisy in the system. People use sugar-coated and pampering words cos they’re looking for favor or mere accolades.

Rufai is at the top of his game!

David Shuaibu said; He’s done some courses in journalism according to him. He is now a certified journalist.

Yusuf Abubakar wrote; The individuals employed in Nigerian banks raise a pertinent question: are they truly bankers or individuals trained in banking and finance? The proportion of professionals with actual degrees in Banking and Finance seems disproportionately low.

Turning attention to the realms of journalism and law in Nigeria, a concerning observation emerges – a scarcity of true professionals and an abundance of what could be labeled as “brown envelope collectors.” The term suggests a focus on financial gain over genuine dedication to the principles of journalism or the legal profession.

In the case of RUFAI, it is important to clarify that he does not fit the conventional roles of a journalist or presenter. Rather, he stands as an individual who injects facts, not just subjective truths, into discussions, challenging guests with lies or those whose livelihoods depend on disseminating falsehoods to the public.

Rufai Oseni however also has something to say admist all of these public trials. He took to his X page on Wednesday evening to make his stance clear.

“And please remember I will never have the mindset of the old journalistic days where they had to write questions for guests ooo. I am here to have conversations and debated to get clarity on issues. So if you feel offended then I can’t help you” Oseni wrote.