From the beginning of the planet earth, God has been the sole provider for man and till the world will cease to exist, He’ll still be the one providing for man. One thing you must know is that whatever God gives you is a means for Him to achieve a purpose and He’ll not give you beyond the measure of the purpose He wants to achieve.

The Bible says that the gift of God is without repentance. What the Bible means here is that there’s nothing God gives you that He’ll take away from you even if you go away from Him. If God will regret giving you anything, He will rather not give you at all.

Pastor EA Adeboye said that God is a business man; He wouldn’t give you anything from which He will not benefit. Whatever comes to you from God as a gift, usually through man agent, is a means for God to achieve His purpose. Usually, however, man is not aware that God is achieving a purpose through him.

As said earlier, there’s nothing God gives you that He’ll take away from you even if you go away from Him. People lose what God gives them not because God takes it away from them but usually for two simple reasons as explained in the following paragraphs:

The first reason anybody might lose what God gives him/her is if the proportion that God gives to achieve His purpose is exhausted. Know this, for sure, that God don’t use and dump people. Rather, He uses people and rewards them beyond how He used them. Don’t get it complicated, when the proportion that God gives you is exhausted, you’ll be left with God’s abundant blessings as reward.

Another reason anybody can lose what God gives is when the person lost connection with the source of his blessings. There’s no river that loses connection with its source that doesn’t dry. If you lose connection with God who is the source of whatever you have, you’ll start losing what you have not because God is taking it away from you but because you have breakaway from what can multiply what you have.

No matter how much what God gives you, if you lose connection with God, it’ll not be increasing and you’ll not stop using it. Take a look at it, something is not increasing and you didn’t not stop using it, what do you think will happen? It’ll eventually disappear into the thin air.

From God’s standard, the proportion apportioned to you can never be exhausted by you not even by your generations as long as you are connected to the source. Primarily, people lose what God gives them because there’s no connection with them and God again.

If God is not adding more blessings to your blessing that means you have lost connection with the source of blessing. Come back to your senses today and reconnect to the source of your blessing, the miracle that follows will surprise you.