1997: The year I finally left my job and agreed to become a full-time evangelist.

After I gave my life to Christ and realized how powerful the name of Jesus Christ was in prayer, doing wonderful things, and destroying the hand of evil, I made up my mind; ‘I’m not going into ministry.’

There were signs and warnings from God, but I ignored them and gave excuses.

As a trailer mechanic, I was making cool money.

I had commercial buses, and I branded them with “Jesus Power”.

In 1997, I was in my workshop working when A car drove in and someone called me by name; “it has happened! Brother Hezekiah!”

“What happened?” I asked.

One of my buses was involved in an accident.

The driver and motor boy were badly injured and had been rushed to the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital in Ile Ife.

I left all I was doing and headed there but at that time, they’ve been pronounced dead.

AH! Two young boys who just started working for me.

What would I tell their parents?!

As I was about to cry and roll on the floor, God spoke in a loud voice, as if someone was calling me from afar.

“Pick One:

1. Refuse or Give an excuse and go and bury your corpse, OR

2. agree to go into full-time ministry and I will raise the two boys.”

I agreed instantly.

He asked me to go and lay my hands on them.

I met them on the way to the morgue and asked the white doctor to stop.

I laid my hands on them, shouting, “God, I am ready, fully ready.”

After some minutes, the first one coughed.

The doctors rushed, asking what I did. Those who understood that I was praying and saying, “Jesu mo ti se tan,” (Jesus, I am ready) joined me in prayer, and the second boy said, “I am hungry.”

It was a loud joy.

That was the first publicity God gave me in Ile Ife and its environment.

The point of this story is that disobedience can cause harm that might be irreversible which will affect even those who are innocent.

You might not be bewitched or cursed, and your suffering might be due to disobedience.

Learn to obey God.

Learn to obey the Holy Spirit.

Learn to obey laws and orders.

Learn to obey elders.

Learn to be Obedient.