David Adeleke, widely known as Davido, has pledged to quit from the music industry before he goes rotten.

Davido stated in an Instagram video uploaded by Tunde Ednut that his greatest worry in life is that his music career will fail.

The ‘Unavailable’ singer revealed that he is terrified of the point in his career when things begin to settle down and people no longer go crazy every time he appears on stage.

Davido acknowledged that everyone goes through a period in their career when people stop loving their songs.

He, on the other hand, never wants to reach that point in his career and frequently jokes with friends that he will quit before he goes sour.

In his words: “The only thing I’m really scared of is that moment maybe…when I get on stage, people cry, they go crazy.

“But it’s going to get to a point in my career where it’s going to start slowing down, everybody goes through it, so that’s what I’m really scared of, that point.

“I never want to get there. I always make a joke to my friends, I’m gonna retire before I turn sour.”