Eniola Badmus is a professional pimp, she connects girls to chairmen” – Lady makes serious accusation.

A Nigerian woman has claimed that popular Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus is a professional pimp, revealing how the actress allegedly connects girls to big men.

The unidentified woman made the serious accusation on her social media page.

She claimed that the actress approached her friend, who is engaged to a man, in December of last year and told her that she has a chairman for her, right after taking her phone number.

She also claimed that, prior to allegedly becoming a pimp, Eniola Badmus used to dally with various politicians in an attempt to gain political relevance, but she became bored with it.

The woman claimed that because she had grown old and was no longer attractive to her clients, they hired her to connect them with young and attractive ladies.

However, Eniola Badmus has addressed the allegations of her pimping girls to politicians.

Addressing her claims on her Instagram page minutes ago, Eniola cautioned social media users to trend carefully.

The actress stated that her ears have been eaten, as such, she wouldn’t be responding to such claims as she belongs to the leagues of people who don’t hear things.

“Trend carefully.