Nollywood actor Sanyeri has revealed why he has recently stopped acting and why his colleagues have recently stopped featuring him.

He revealed that there are some kind of work which determines that one has to look very well before accepting any form of work because some work may draw one back to trenches.

Many of the people who came accross the video accepted his mode of reasoning why some revealed that it’s because fame is not on his side again.

Atoloye mudashiru wrote: He knows what he is saying and he knows what he is facing in the industry, many actors and actresses have die in the movie industry and he too don’t want to die, so if you reason the words he is saying you will understand him very well

Omotoyosi oluwabunmi wrote: The bitter truth is that ko fe ki won fi ori oun fo Agbon. Legend are dying in the industry… Spiritually the industry is dirty. Oga dey run to maintain his name oo..

Lekan Kareem wrote: He is indirectly telling us he has lost the Fame and recognition to perform in a movie, that is why he is emphasising on name name. He had fumble and they decide not to call him for shooting again

Muritala omotayo wrote: I didn’t even noticed he’s stopped acting because I still see him in movies or am I seeing ghost there? I can’t recollect not seeing him in any recent movie.

Ajibade Sodiq Wrote: I love the way his instinct is directing him, Don’t appear when is not your time!

So you won’t disappear in your time, Even if you lie down for people to step on you  they will still complain you’re not flat enough Not that he’s proud is pride .

Golden Angel wrote: I understand you bami jare you’re very wise and intelligent even me self if I wasted my data unnecessary film I will curse everybody that participates in that movie you’re right May Almighty God continue to bless your knowledge

Oladiran Akande wrote: It’s all about refreshing and updating yourself. In organization, you’re trained from time to time to be updated. Sanyeri can only fit-in in roles like gateman, house help etc which story lines might not go through that route. If you notice before baba suwe died, he had similar problem. So in everything you do, you update your self and fit to roles. Example, Apa and Londoner are taking the scene simply because they can diversified. With styles of sanyeri and kamilu compo is gradually outdated. So it’s not you’re picking roles not to spoll your name. This is the industry that brought you to limelight.