K1 De Ultimate recently found himself entangled in the web of controversy surrounding his marital life with the lovely Emmanuella Ropo.

It’s viral that Madame Ropo, displaying the investigative prowess of a seasoned detective, unearthed her husband’s bedroom affairs with their own chef and other women.

However, amidst this rumour, K1 De Ultimate himself has stepped into the limelight to set the record straight.

Words on the street are that the Fuji maestro showed his wife the door after she apparently caught wind of his shenanigans through some sneaky CCTV surveillance.

Nigerian Fuji sensation, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, better known as KWAM1, has refuted claims of discord with his wife, Emmanualla Ropo.

Reports circulating on Tuesday, purportedly from an Instagram blog, alleged that KWAM1 is recently embroiled in a marital dispute due to an alleged romantic entanglement with Emmanuella’s friend, Folake Ibile, and their family’s female chef.

According to reports, Emmanuella became aware of the alleged clandestine affair after gaining access to the password of their home’s CCTV system, revealing footage of Folake’s visits during her absence

Emmanuella reportedly confronted K1, sparked a fierce argument, with the music star allegedly insisting that Emmanuella leave his house.

In a statement released on Wednesday and signed by K1’s publicist, Kunle Rasheed, the Fuji maestro addressed the swirling rumors, asserting that the online reports are entirely fabricated and orchestrated by those who intend on stirring up turmoil in his household.

KWAM1 reiterated that the allegations of an illicit affair with Folake and their family’s female chef are unequivocally false.

The statement reads, “False rumors maliciously targeting K1’s relationship with his beloved wife, Emmanuella, have been circulated by blogs. This fabricated statement is entirely baseless and orchestrated by those seeking to create chaos.

“First and foremost, K1 is not involved in a relationship or affair with any society woman. Furthermore, there is no truth to the claim of K1 being in a relationship with a female chef; such allegations are unfounded and purely fictional, as he does not even have and has never had a female chef.

“Additionally, the assertion regarding Folake Ibile’s marital status with K1 is utterly false. They simply share a coincidental surname, and Folake Ibile is happily married to another individual.

“Lastly, the notion of K1 dating Mariam Aneko’s sister is entirely fabricated and lacks any substance. Let it be clear: K1 and his wife enjoy a strong and harmonious marriage, untouched by the lies and rumors spread by malicious sources.

“They are deeply devoted to each other, and any insinuation of discord is completely unfounded. K1 turned 67 on the 3rd of March 2024 and he and his stunning wife shared the day together in love and harmony in a low key ceremony.