The dynamics of the changing world can only be explained by the story of Grace Oyelude, the first Miss Nigeria. Grace Atinuke Oyelude was born on November 16, 1931, in Kano. She was crowned Miss Nigeria, the first title holder of the pageant in 1957.

Her journey to becoming the maiden Miss Nigeria began when her brother shared her photograph with the pageant organisers at a time when Miss Nigeria was a photo competition.

Notably, after her reign as Miss Nigeria, Grace Oyelude travelled to the UK and pursued a career in Nursing, a move which was made possible by the £200 cash prize she won from the competition. That was a life!

At the completion of her studies in London, she returned to Nigeria and worked at Kaduna General Hospital between 1964 and 1965. Grace moved to Maiduguri General Hospital when the Biafran War started. She led a team from the North to provide medical support to casualties of the war.