Exciting Old and New Generations of Dual Presentations

Pioneers of Dual Presentation

In this edition, we are commencing Pioneers of Dual Presentation, a series that will feature the old generations as well as the new generations.

SOJI: D&Y Connection was a popular programme on BCOS Radio years back. In fact it was the first of such programmes and virtually the best. How did it start going down the memory lane?

YANJU: D&Y (Deola and Yanju) was a programme like any other one and I wouldn’t know how to assess it but Deola and myself have been together for some time, she was in St Annes and in Class Five, I was in Form 1 in Government college, Ibadan and we were doing some dramatic shows on stage and the two of us have always been involved after the college years. I went to work with Radio Nigeria, Ibadan. After the creation of states when the old Ondo State was carved out in the old Western State, I transferred myself to BCOS (Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State where Deola was. She was senior on the job. By this we were together again, we continued with the barters like the one we used to do on stage. She was my senior you remember and we didn’t even know some people were listening.

On this particular day which was a public holiday there were few people around at Ile Akade. We met as usual and the barters commenced. Fortunately or unfortunately, the General  Manager then, Mr. Kunle Adeleke, who was somehow “monitoring” us and happened to be upstairs called us and  said that all these things you people were doing, why don’t you come upstairs and make it a studio affair. That was how we started.

SOJI: How did it go, ma, if I may ask you?

DEOLA: Well, Yanju has virtually said everything. That was how we started and we thanked God and we still thank Him that what really started as more or less a joke later became very popular, very educative and informative apart from being entertaining. It touched so many lives.

SOJIHave you ever listened to the replica of the programme on other radio stations, even though most are presented in Yoruba?

DEOLA: Though I have not been around but I got a wind of them.

SOJI: Can you give an assessment based on the standard you expect and what people have to say about them.

YANJU: Well, it depends on what people themselves want. What with the number of Radio stations we now have in the Southwest. Remember then, it was BCOS and other few radio stations.

SOJI: If you are now asked to come up with this same concept on Radio. Will you be ready for such?

DEOLA: With the present technological advancement so to speak, this might not be impossible. Episodes can be recorded and transmitted

YANJU: Even now I can say we are ready. As broadcasters and the custodians of the concept, we can pick things up from the scratch. Something can be done even before Deola travels back

SOJI: Auntie Deola you mean?

YANJU: Yes Auntie (Both laughed).

Pioneers of Dual Presentation

Ayefele, one of Nigeria’s leading international music stars, is today a renowned broadcaster and radio proprietor.

More important to Broadcasters International, he is now a frontline broadcaster particularly with his dual presentation with Enitan Olusegun Bamidele (EOB).

From his Ibadan base, Ayefele speaks on their programme.

Just as the name or title denotes, Let’s Talk About It or Ajoro in the local parlance is a programme carefully crafted to entertain, inform and educate its listeners.

The programme is however different in many ways. It is uniquely different among other similar programmes. If you categorise it in the lane of notable programmes like Nkan Nbe, a mystical programme made popular by the late Kola Olawuyi in the 90s then you’re right but Let’s Talk About It is distinctly different in view and presentation.

It’s mode of presentation is entertaining yet hilarious making it look more of a tragic-comedy show because while the presenters try to present a pathetic, tragic life story it also carries you along by infusing some thought provoking comedy that will make the impact of such a story light.

The award-winning programme which airs between 5:00 and 7:00pm on FRESH 107.9FM, Abeokuta and FRESH 105.9FM, Ibadan on Tuesday and Monday respectively is anchored by serial award winning duo of Yinka Ayefele, MON and Enitan Olusegun Bamidele (EOB).

The programme dwells and aims at helping to solve some life challenges. The programme has among others resolved several paternity mess, severe health challenges just to mention a few. While most of the actors involved are asked to come live on the radio some prefer to remain anonymous.

Through the programme, a family has been reunited with their lost mother of over 35 years, many children have been linked up with the parents and so on.

Highly entertaining, the duo of EOB and Yinka Ayefele try to preach a saner society by exposing some antics of some fake Pastors, Alfas, herbalists and the bad eggs in the society.

Let’s Talk About It is a call-in programme that has over the last few years registered its dominance on the airwaves.

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