Former Arsenal, Manchester City and Real Madrid striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, has given an update on the rift going on between him and members of his family.

The Togolese striker recently went public to reveal some of his personal issues with his family which at some point affected his playing career.

Adebayor had in 2015 accused his family members including his mother and sister of witchcraft.

The former Crystal Palace striker also took to Facebook to offer series of insight into his family life, where he lamented the ungrateful attitude of his family members, whom he claimed wanted to bring him down.

The striker, who now plays for Istanbul Basaksehir in Turkey, has spoken exclusively to the BBC about the controversy, where he said he made the right decision to go public about his personal problems.

In the interview, the football star who in 2011 joined Real Madrid on loan from Manchester City believes he could have sealed a permanent switch to the Spanish giant but he learned that his late brother sent a letter to the club, urging them not to sign him.

Adebayor said he does not talk to his family anymore, because they never cared about him except for his money.

“My mother gave me the chance to be where I am today I will never disrespect my mother. I respect her for being my mother, for being there for me in difficult moment.

“But today, I’m Adebayor I have to look after some else as well. I don’t know, I don’t talk to my family anymore but I talk to my friends. So whenever they want to talk to me I’m available to talk to everyone because I’m a good believer.

“You know, we have done things, we’ve seen things, and we’ve gone through things. The issue is not just mine because for me, they are not helping me do my job properly. They’ll never call you to know if you are okay.

“You play a game and get injured couple of times and they will never call you to see if you are okay. Whenever they call you is to ask for something. Care about me let me care about you. Don’t just care about my finance, care about.

“At the end of the day, you say blood is thicker than water, why you forget the blood and you are thinking about my account. So for me, that issue is just hanging somewhere.”

Recall that Adebayor had in March 2023 announced his retirement at 39.