Honestly you may be in pain. Many people are in pain. The pains may be emotional, physical, financial, or even spiritual. As I move around, I see many people in pain. I see people who are in need of a touch, a handshake, a hug, a holding of the hands, a pat-on-the -back..just something that shows that someone out there understands their pain or even empathises with their pain. As for me, as the old song says “nobody the trouble I have been, nobody knows that sorrow”

What I am sure of is that out there, you’re in form of one pain. The pain may be because you have lost a dear one you have. Lost a job, you have lost a promotion, a contract, a business. It may be a betrayal. It may be an unfulfilled dream, hope or vision. It may even be something physical you have been abused…you have been trampled upon…your feelings have been rubbished. It may be something you have carried about all your years that nobody notices.

Yet you smile broadly. You laugh heartily. But you are in pain. I guess many people are in this situation. And obviously in need of a solution. In times like this, you need three things urgently. First, you need people. You need at least one person, who can look past your failings, weaknesses, errors and see your hurt….one person who can see through that ephemeral façade and see the deep hurt, or sometimes agony within you.

You need such a person with the four Cs.

1. CONCER : speak the truth in love to you.

2. COMMITMENT: walk through the pain with you without failing.

3. CONFIDENTIALITY: know and keep the struggles within him or her, not share with someone else or gossip about it

4. CONSISTENCY: maintain a regular contact, no matter the circumstances.

There are two classes of people and you need to know this. There are the BASEMENT PEOPLE. They drag you down to the BASEMENT. They are going to leave worse than you were. There are the BALCONY PEOPLE, who will drag you to the airy,bright BALCONY, where your light will shine. They will motivate you, encourage you, strengthen you, and do all they can to make a showpiece of your talents and skills. Sometimes these BALCONY PEOPLE are called DESTINY HELPERS..stay close to them. The BASEMENT PEOPLE are sometimes called DESTINY DESTROYERS…avoid them like plague.

Second, you need a place that will provide you with safety and security….a PLACE OF REFUGE. It may be a park…a garden…a library…a prayer room…a beach….a mountain top…a Mosque…a church…a library….a quiet spot. Just a place that can serve as a sanctuary to you. If you choose a Mosque or Church, never think only the Imam or Pastor can be of use. Sometimes the ordinary other worshipper can be one you need.

Yes you may need a prophet in your life. Always remember that Prophets most times don’t know how to speak the truth with love. They sometimes can be rude and tactless.

Third and finally, you need God. And you can always access

God without an intermediary. He ls always available. N He never fails. He never betrays. However never expect God to do what he has given you talents to do. Never pray without taking necessary actions. Never take actions without praying. While standing on God’s promises, take all necessary appropriate actions towards the actualisation of the promises or your dreams. God will always bless what’s in your hands. He will surely bless the work of your hands. Only then will you see everything turning around. THE BETTER DAYS WILL COME.