Joy Nneka Chukwu, the Head of Station at Correct 99.5FM Ibadan, has taken to social media to voice her distress over unpaid salaries, accusing Group8 Limited and her Group Operations Manager, Sarah Folake Agbakoba of negligence and bullying. Joy premised her social media outcry on the urgent need for medical treatment amidst the station inflicted financial hardship.

Expressing her concerns, Joy stated, “My heart is heavy! I cannot sleep! Please tell Group8 to pay me my salaries! I need urgent medical attention. Bills are piling. I am on loans.” She further informed that Taj Adepetu (Chairman of Group8 Limited) and Folake Agbakoba should be held responsible if anything should happen to her. Despite facing alleged threats and accusations, Joy emphasized her determination not to be bullied into silence.

Following the social media outcry championed by a popular media blog, Radio Guide, the station eventually addressed the issue, resolving the outstanding payments. Joy expressed gratitude to supporters and emphasized the power of unity in standing up for what is right.

In a later statement, Joy announced her resignation from Group 8, citing a desire to explore new opportunities. She thanked those who amplified her voice and sought job recommendations from her network.

The accused Group Operations Manager Mrs Folake Agbakoba, however posted on her page series of chat between her and Radio Guide, where she stated that operational costs has drastically reduced since she joined the station, reaffirmed her loyalty to the brand and stated that its not her duty to pay workers. Their conversation ended with an admonition to Radio Guide to please continue with their publicity as she seem to be enjoying the hype.

Also, in a later post on her official handle, which she captioned “The Real Issue”, she published a WhatsApp chat with an undisclosed identity, where the sender pleaded for official protection, alleging that the Head of Station (Joy Nneka) has been hostile due to the sender’s refusal to forward the January requisition into her account, which was against the directive of the company. The sender went on to reassure that he remains loyal to the company and do all within his/her reach to restore accountability, as it is no longer business as usual! As of press time, there has been no official response or reaction from Group8 Limited and the Group Operations Manager.