The Psalmist in the Bible prayed a prayer continuously and that was deliverance from the hands of the wicked. A man of God once said “if you live with the wicked in just a day, you’ll suffer the consequence for a year”, which means that if you live with the wicked in a year, you’ll suffer the consequence for several years.

If there are people that dominated the dark place of the world, it is the wicked ones as said by the Bible. The Bible makes us to understand that they work from the realm of darkness, that’s why they can’t be easily discern except through the Spirit of God. They appear to be a friend but there’s venom in them. I’ll share some experiences in this series.

Some so called pastors were angry at another pastor because the hand of God was on the pastor. They looked for how to bring him down. After some time, they came up with the so called prophetic step. They bought a brand new touch light and took it to the prayer mountain. They switched on the touch light and started praying. They committed themselves to pray until the touch light went out and their prayer point is that as the touch light is going dim, the glory of the pastor should go dim too. What a wicked world full of wicked people, pastor friends could do this to their colleague.

A woman opened a shop of petty trade beside where I live and the Spirit of God instructed me to warn her to be careful, which I did. Month after months, the shop was growing and suddenly the goods began to reduce. The woman became frustrated and sent someone to me to ask for what was happening and the way out. As I prayed, the Spirit of God revealed that her business colleague bought something worth of #5 from her and that was the cause of the problem. What a wicked world we live in.

The Psalmist cried many times to God for deliverance from the wicked of which his biological son was one. His son conspired against him to the extent that David, the king ran out of the city for his dear life and his son took over the kingdom.

A man of God was called on to pray for the managing director of a publishing company. The man of God said as he got there, he was taken to the room where the man was. He said when he got there, he saw someone on the bed as little as a three year old boy; that’s the extent the man shrank. He said as he began to pray, God pointed someone to him that he was the reason for the man’s predicament. He said he opened his eyes and asked who the man was. Surprisingly, the man happened to be someone who was helped by the managing director. He was his family member who he brought from village to the city and got him job at the same company. When this wicked man confessed, he said he wanted his position.

The wicked people can go to any length just to bring someone down. They can do anything. It was told of how the Southern African satanists fasted for forty days just to destroy the marriages of the Christian leaders.

The wickedness of these wicked people cannot be underestimated unless you really want to live a life of full of suffering. The best way to live without being affected by these people is to completely live in God. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be with you. Don’t forget that your feedback is very important. Remain blessed.