Nigeria’s broadcast world is not likely to accept Prof. Wole Soyinka as a historical ‘burden’. The industry has never celebrated him to offload this ‘burden’ as a matter of professional recognition.

Not that the broadcast world does not celebrate him, but only few practitioners of the industry are aware of his pioneering effort towards the development of broadcast media content. Yet, the industry lives on content.

Literary icon, Professor Wole Soyinka, is a voice to reckon with. He has towed the path of excellence which has brought him global acclaim. His achievements have reached far beyond Africa to touch the lives of people the world over with inspiration that transcends literature, politics and education. On Tuesday, July 13, the Nobel Laureate will turn 89 years.

He is a theatre practitioner par excellence. Excelling as an essayist, dramatist, playwright, poet, and social critic has placed him in the upper echelons of society. He stands tall among theatre aficionados with various honours to his name.

 “Africa’s first Nobel Laureate in the academic category (specifically in Literature); tireless crusader for human rights; a voice that could not be silenced. Broadcasters International Magazine salutes Prof. Wole Soyinka at 89!”